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Grain moisture meter in continuous Grain Dryer Plus

Grain moisture meter in continuous Grain Dryer Plus

Grain moisture meter in continuous Grain Dryer Plus

The international group 3S Company is the official representatie of Isoelectric.

GRAIN DRYER Plus is an electronic device for analyzing product temperature and moisture content in continuous. The device is fully automatic, which allows rapid measurements of any crops.


Design of the analyzer:

  1. Spiral auger for sampling.
  2. Analysis unit, including a cell and sensors, housed in a specially designed ergonomic cabinet with hatched for inspection and maintenance of the analyzer parts.
  3. Control panel and graphic display. An embedded printer for printing out data, including date and time. The maximum distance between the analysis unit and the panel is 2 km.


  • Dryers. It is used to measure the moisture and temperature of the product continuously, with the ability to control and adjust the discharge.
  • Mills, feed mill, etc. It is used to measure moisture content at any stage of production to obtain a robust quality of the finished product.
  • Food industry. It is used to measure moisture content of various foods, such as grains, corn, coffee, rice, etc.
  • Silos. This device is installed to measure the moisture content of grain in storage or during the formation of various batches.

The advantages of the device:

  • Information on temperature and moisture content online at any stage of the production process;
  • Complete information including product name, quality parameters and time of sampling;
  • Measurement of average moisture and temperature of a product from three points;
  • Ability to adjust the process of drying due to receiving the information about the moisture content continuously, with higher accuracy;
  • Automatic printer;
  • Ability to transfer information over long distances.

Main technical characteristics:

Power supply 12 V DC
Moisture measurement Constant dielectric
Screen Graphic LCD, 128х64
Temperature measurement In the range from 0 to 80оС, within ±0,5%
Crops in memory 16
Moisture measurement In the range from 4 to 38%
Software To work with grain dryer
Output 0-10V and 4-20 mA analog
Maximum distance 2 km (RS485 system)
Weight 10 kg