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3s company

About company

3S company is an engineering company that offers innovative solutions in the field of storage and processing of agricultural crops.

The company’s staff has extensive experience in agriculture and consulting service.

We supply not only the equipment to improve your manufacturing processes, but ready-made solutions to optimize and make your production processes easier.

3S Company offers the following solutions:

    Automation of the raw material reception at the HPP (cereal reception point), grain and port elevators, mills, feed mills and oil extraction plants;
    Processing of raw materials: cleaning, drying, transportation and storage;
    Making control of raw materials, intermediate derivative products and finished products at factories easier and faster.

«3S Company» actively cooperates and shares experience constantly with the world’s leading manufacturers.

The company’s staff constantly improves their knowledge, increases the level of competence and shares their experiences with partners. We aim to provide solutions of high quality only, not forgetting about the financial component: the company’s optimum pricing policy allows optimizing the customer’s expenses significantly.


The quality of wheat in Russia is improving

The quality of wheat in Russia is improving

As of 27.09.2021, the share of wheat of the 1-4 classes has increased and amounts to 88% of the harvest. In the previous year, such classes accounted for 72%. As of this date, 34 million tons of soft wheat (49% of the gross grain harvest) were surveyed in 44 regions of the Russian Federation. Results: Class Share in 2021, % Share in 2020 году, % 1 0,02 0,002 2 0,1 0,2 3 46,5 33,4 4…