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Automatic samplers

Samplers for laboratory tests and analyzes you can familiarize yourself with the range of samplers offered by the 3s Company. Samplers are devices that allow you to take samples of grain, oil, flour and other products for further analysis of their quality. Samplers can be manual, such as measuring probes or grain shakers, or automatic, which are installed in elevators, factories, warehouses and other places. Automatic samplers allow you to take samples without human intervention and transfer them to the laboratory for quick and accurate determination of product parameters.

On the page you can see photos of the operation of various models of samplers, such as BioPro VV05, BioPro VV06, O.K. SERVIS and others. You can also learn about the advantages of each sampler, its specifications, price and delivery terms. If you are interested in any sampler, you can contact 3s Company by phone +38 098 168 35 35 or +7 776 163 35 35 or by using the feedback form on the website.

Samplers for laboratory tests and analyzes are your reliable assistant in product quality control. Thanks to them, you can be sure that your product meets all the necessary standards and market requirements. Order samplers from us and get guaranteed quality and service.