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In Russia, it is planned to collect 75 million tons of wheat

In Russia, it is planned to collect 75 million tons of wheat

In Russia, it is planned to collect 75 million tons of wheat

Due to unfavorable weather conditions in some parts of the country, it is planned to collect almost 113 million tons of grain in the Russian Federation, 75 million tons of which is wheat.

In the new agricultural year, taking into account stocks and forecasts on a new crop harvest, the amount to be exported will be about 45 million tons of grain.

According to the calculations of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, over 40 million tons of grain (8 billion USD) were delivered to foreign markets this agricultural season. Grain buyers are Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, African countries, Saudi Arabia.

According to the results of this agricultural year, the Russian Federation will be able to supply about 43 million tons (about 8.5 billion dollars) to foreign markets, which corresponds to the original plan.

Restrictions were introduced on the grain export to stabilize prices in the domestic market. Until the end of June, the export of rice, rye, soybeans and sunflower from the EAEU was suspended.
This situation will provide enterprises that process oilseeds with the necessary amount of raw materials. Today’s goal is to increase the yield of oilseeds and their processing to export oil, which is one of the most promising areas of agricultural exports, according to the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

That is why they decided to introduce a special procedure for the export of sunflower, which will last until the end of summer.

In the previous agricultural season, the crops yield was increase by 1.5 centners per hectare. They plan to maintain this pace this season as well with the help of agricultural technologies.