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Handling Equipment Skandia

Handling Equipment Skandia

Handling Equipment Skandia

Skandia’s conveyor equipment is manufactured at a modern plant with an area of 11.000 m2 in Sweden. The machinery of the plant include the most advanced equipment with CPU, as well as partial robotic production, which makes it possible to produce absolutely identical machines.

Skandia offers three model lines of transport conveyors:

  • L-line – these conveyors are designated for agricultural enterprises of small and average productivity, for active use during the harvesting period. The capacity of the conveyors of this line ranges from 30 to 60 tons/hour.
  • I-line – the equipment of this line is suitable for medium and large farms, as well as for grain traders, for the active mode of operation throughout the year. The capacity of these conveyors varies from 40 to 150 tons/hour.
  • H-line – conveyors of this line are designed for continuous operation throughout the year, mainly installed on large agrarian enterprises. The capacity varies from 60 to 600 tons/hour.

The range of Skandia conveyors includes various types of conveyors (lower, upper, trench, etc.), as well as conveyors with curved sections and in inclined position.

All conveyors are made of galvanized steel.


  • Trouble free operation. By purchasing equipment from Skandia, you do not have to worry about downtime, as all conveyors are designed for heavy loads day after day for a very long times. Yes, the cost of machines is not the lowest, but the most cost effective, because you get a carefully thought out design with perfectly matched materials, which results in a long lifespan. The equipment has ISO 9001 certification.
  • Long lifetime. The Skandia equipment is installed all over the world, and some facilities have been put into operation more than 30 years ago, but their technical condition is still excellent.
  • Customization. The availability of three model lines of equipment gives you the opportunity to satisfy any customer request.
  • Safety. Conveyors are designed in such a way that, firstly, the possibility of mixing cereals is almost eliminated, and, secondly, operators do not need to perform such operations where there is a risk of injury.
  • Ease of operation. The functionality of each detail was thought out and carefully designed by Skandia engineers to ensure easy operation.
  • Quality of supply. The managers of our company respond promptly to all questions. In addition, the delivery time is reduced to a minimum thanks to the efficient manufacturing process.
  • Vast experience. Skandia was founded more than a century ago, which is an obvious evidence of tremendous experience. Today, more than 2000 units of handling equipment are produced per year using high-quality modern equipment.