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Export volumes of flour and rapeseed oil

Export volumes of flour and rapeseed oil

Export volumes of flour and rapeseed oil

Between January and November, 64.000 tons of rapeseed oil was exported from Ukraine. The amount of exports amounted to 51.64 million dollars.

Such data was provided by the State Fiscal Service.

The main buyers of rapeseed oil from Ukraine during the period from January to November were Poland (26.49 thousand tons amounted to 21.24 million dollars), Spain (17.42 thousand tons amounted to 13.97 million tons), Lithuania (11.12 thousand tons amounted to 8.91 million dollars).

It was also previously reported that in 2016 exports volume decreased by 38%.

It should be recalled that the production of rapeseed in the world in 2017/18 will increase by 0.9 million tons and amounted to 64.2 million tons.

Since the beginning of 2017/18 marketing year and up to today 212 thousand tons of flour have been delivered to foreign markets, which exceeds the last year figure by 77.5 thousand tons.

Such information was provided by Minagroprod.

From the beginning of 2017/18 marketing year, 211.7 thousand tons of wheat flour was exported from Ukraine, which exceeds the previous year figure by 77.4 thousand tons.

The exports volume of flour from other types of cereals was 0.7 thousand tons.

It should be recalled that 2016 was marked by an increase in flour exports by 21% compared with 2015.

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