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NIR analyzers Granolyser / Granolyser HL

NIR analyzers Granolyser / Granolyser HL

NIR analyzers Granolyser / Granolyser HL

3S Company is the exclusive partner of the German company Pfeuffer for the supply and service of NIR-analyzers “Granolyser” / “Granolyser HL” in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

These instruments are designed to analyze such crops as cereals, oilseeds and legumes.  They are used in laboratories of elevators (grain storage), ports, grain traders and processing plants.














                  “Granolyser HL”                                                                                                                             “Granolyser”



  • Granolyser analyze the following parameters: humidity, protein, oil content, gluten, starch etc.
  • Analysis of any sample in its entirety, without any sample preparation or milling, including sunflower
  • Ability to determine the bulk weight without additional modules (Granolyser HL)
  • The full analysis result is ready in 20 seconds (Granolyser), 40 seconds (Granolyser HL)
  • High analysis accuracy and repeatability of the parallel measurement results
  • The sample volume is 600 ml
  • Extended lamp life compared to other NIR analyzers (more than 10 years of operation);
  • More than 1,500 individual scans per sample;
  • Opportunity to develop new calibrations on request;
  • Ability to connect a barcode scanner
  • Ability to export (unload) analysis results for a certain period to a flash drive, to the customer’s local database or 1C Accounting
  • High vibration and dust resistance
  • Operating with samples with a moisture content of up to 40%
  • Neither the ambient temperature nor the sample temperature affects the analysis result
  • 8″ colour LCD touchscreen;
  • Integrated printers;
  • Remote access via the Internet for configuration, diagnostics, calibration and software updates
  • Language options: Ukrainian, Kazakh, Russian, English, etc.
  • Built-in monitoring and diagnostic systems.

Operating principle

  1. Pour a sample (600 ml) into the instrument.
  2. Select crops on the touchscreen display, give the sample ID number and press the “Analysis” button.
  3. The sample enters the measuring cell and constantly moves past the detector.
  4. The recordered spectrum is processed electronically. The analyzed parameters are determined optically in less than a minute.
  5. The list of parameters that are to be measured depends on the crop that you choose to analyze: moisture, protein, oil content, gluten, starch, sedimentation etc.
  6. The screen will show the measurement results — these can be printed out with the built-in printer.


The Granolyser has a built-in network adapter and is also equipped with a USB interface, which allows you to connect a barcode scanner, keyboard or flash memory.

There are two ways of storing measurement results: export to a flash memory via a USB interface, in the MS Access database (transfer via Granolyser Data Server application and LAN connection) or in 1C Accounting.

Technical specifications

Instrument: Granolyser HL (Гранолайзер) Granolyser (Гранолайзер)
Voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output: 70 VA
Dimensions: 500x349x507 mm 370x452x376 mm
Weight: 31 kg 23 kg


IMPORTANT!!! Beware of illegal deliveries of Granolyser on the “grey market” by a non-certified dealer!

Only the official dealer (with a valid certificate from Pfeuffer or 3S Company) is authorized for:

 the right and access to the software update on a permanent basis;

 the opportunity to install developed new and updated old calibrations;

 the opportunity of permanent remote access to the analyzer for its diagnostics, calibration and adjustment;

 certified factory-trained service personnel.