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Drum cleaners GCU

Drum cleaners GCU

Drum cleaners GCU

The universal grain cleaner of drum type is designed for preliminary, primary and secondary cleaning of agricultural crops with different degrees of humidity and contamination.

Operating principle

Components of the device:

  1. Aspiration force controller
  2. Input hopper
  3. Sedimentation chamber
  4. Adjusting the product supply
  5. Discharge auger
  6. Aspiration chamber
  7. Sloping sieve drum
  8. Fan
  9. Additional aspiration of the drum
  10. Adjusting the angle of the drum (option)
  11. Cleaner rollers
  12. Adjusting the revolutions speed (option)
  13. Quick-change sieves
  14. Movable shutter
Принцип действия Барабанные очистители GCU
grain calibration

The main components of the drum cleaner are an aspirator and a drum, inside which there are perforated sieves. In the cleaner, the aspirator removes all the fine dust, husk and various impurities. Then the grain enters the sieve. As a rule, the drum cleaner is equipped with three or four sieves with different diameter of cells. The size of the first sieve cells is the smallest. Small impurities go through it. On the second sieve, the cells are larger and broken grain go through it. The cells of the third sieve correspond to the dimensions of the crop, which is currently being cleaned. All impurities are removed from the sieves. Each drum cleaner has a set of sieves that are easy to replace depending on the product that needs to be cleaned. The cleanliness and consequently the capacity of the separator is regulated by changing the angle of inclination and the rotation speed of the drum.

Using of the GCU drum cleaner:

Drum grain cleaners GCU - buy in Ukraine
2. Sorting – preliminary cleaning. This method involves using an aspiration (to get rid of light impurities) as well as a drum (to get rid of large impurities).
Drum grain cleaners GCU grain calibration
4. Cleaning with the sifting cylinder. This method involves using a separator for fine, secondary purification of the product.
Caution: the separator cannot replace the oat separator!
1. Aspiration – preliminary cleaning. This way of using the separator involves only aspiration in order to get rid of light impurities. In this case, the drum-sieve part of the separator is not used.
Drum grain cleaners GCU - buy in Ukraine
3. Separation – primary cleaning. This method is used to purify the product to market standards.
Drum grain cleaners GCU - buy in Ukraine
5. Calibration. This method is used to divide the product into fractions by size, usually used for seed preparation.

Advantages of the drum cleaner GCU

  • insignificant grain damage;
  • robust design, which eliminates the vibrations and excessive noise;

This means that the installation of this separator is possible on a simple supporting structure, which does not require much time and resources.

  • flexibility of the separator;

Quick change of the sieves when changing the type of crop to be cleaned. It is possible to adjust the angle and rotation speed of the drum to change the thoroughness of cleaning and the performance of the machine. It is possible to create various combinations of sieves to achieve certain degrees of purification.

  • accuracy;

As the drum rotates continuously, the product and impurities present in it are easier to pass through the cells. The ability to sort even such hard-to-clean products as wet corn.

Technical specifications
GCU-50 GCU-75 GCU-150
Productivity for wheat
(when the specific weight is 760 kg/m3 and moisture 14%), tons per hour:

  • preliminary cleaning
  • 50 75 150

  • primary cleaning
  • 25 40 100

  • calibration
  • 7,5 11 20
    Air supply, m3/hour 15000 15000 15000
    Air pressure, Pa 1400 1400 1400
    Power of electric motors (without fan), kW 3,55 3,55 3,55
    Overall dimensions, mm:

  • length
  • 4750 5775 6700

  • width
  • 1760 1760 2452

  • height
  • 2960 2960 3590
    Number of drum sections, pcs 3 4 4
    Diameter of the drum, mm 900 900 1270