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Automatic grain sampler VV05

Automatic grain sampler VV05

Automatic grain sampler VV05

International group “3S Company” is an official representative of the company O.K. SERVIS BioPro (Czech Republic). We bring to your attention the most innovative model of automatic grain sampler model VV05. 

Advantages of this grain sampler:

  • Accurate assessment of raw materials quality due to an accurate sampling.
  • Unique mechanical concept. Robust, reliable device.
  • No analogues, completely patented system.
  • Sampler is designed in accordance with the relevant standards, in particular EN ISO 24333.
  • Sample spear length is 4.0 meters. It ensures sampling of all the quantity of grain in the vehicle from top to bottom, regardless of the type and depth of the vehicle (truck, truck trailers, etc.).
  • No swinging of the sample spear during lowering. Only vertical sampling, without displacement about the axis of the device, which makes it possible to carry out sampling not only from truck bodies, but also from railway cars, cisterns, etc. Accurately hits programmed sampling point.
  • The maximum sampling radius is up to 5 meters, which is more than any other sampler have.
  • The option of returning the sample back to the vehicle body or to the silo (another place at the elevator).
  • Automatic sampling system, according to the client’s schemes, which will save time and allow to get a representative sample.

Technical specifications:

Model VV05
Determination of the extreme position Electrical + mechanical
Total height 8,4 m
Transport weight 1000 kg
Sample return function Integrated
Power consumption 2,7 kW
Sample spear length 4,0 m
Dipping force 80 – 200 kg
Sample spear mounting Two-point
Inside sampling radius 1,2 m
Outside sampling radius 4,75 m
Rotation angle 270о

  • Thanks to the unique design, it is able to carry out sampling from two lines, which will make it possible to accelerate the volume of sample and, as a result, the evaluation of the grain quality will also be carried out faster.
  • With a radius of 4,75 meters, and an accurate dip system, it is possible to simultaneously take a sample from both the car and the trailer, without moving.

The standard package includes:

  1. Grain sampler (supporting column, rotational geared motor (left/right), guide console, carriage of horizontal movement along the guide of the console and vertical lowering of the sample spear, sampler spear).
  2. Camera and monitor – to provide an overview of the sampling site and to control the sampler.
  3. Remote control for manual control of the grain sampler.
  4. Receiving container in the laboratory for sample delivery.
  5. Cables, wires and hoses, provided in accordance with local installation conditions. The length of the hose should be three times as long as the distance between the sampler and the receiving cabin in the laboratory (copies the route of hose, taking into account some additional length for turns and the necessary bends). The calculation of the cable length is based on the distance between the sampler and the control panel in the laboratory (usually laid with hoses).


  • More cameras for reviewing not only the body, but also the vehicle itself, with the function of switching the view.
  • System for returning the sample to the vehicle body.
  • Mechanical and automatic sample dividers.
  • The ability to program the sequential sampling (automatic sampling schemes).
  • Additional stations when transporting the sample for a distance of more than 40 meters.