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Grain impurities analyzer Grain Cleaner

Grain impurities analyzer Grain Cleaner

Grain impurities analyzer Grain Cleaner

Analyzer Grain Cleaner is an automatic device for express grain analysis. It allows you to measure the amount of impurities in grain.


This device is used to automate the process of measuring the amount of different impurities in samples of a wide variety of cereals (wheat, peas, sunflower, etc.).


The device is adjusted according to the customer’s needs for improving the efficiency of grain sorting.

Cleaning of grain samples:

It is used for further analyses in the laboratory.

Accuracy of measurements:

Achieved due to lack of human factor.

The Grain Cleaner is an automatic device that determines the amount of impurities.

The main field of application is the enterprises whose main activity involves grain receiving, processing and storing. Also, this device is used at cereal reception points, mills and many other branches of the agricultural sector.

The introduction of the latest technologies in the development of this device gives the opportunity to achieve a complete automation of the analysis process. All the operator needs to do is to fill the sample in the loading hopper of the device, and after a few seconds, the operator obtains a printed receipt with the exact percentage of impurities in the sample.

Operating principle:

The entire amount of the sample that was loaded into the hopper is weighed and then gradually fed to the sieve (each sieve suits its own type of sample), passing through a stream of air that separates the light impurities from the grain. At the end of the cycle, the purified product is weighed.

Components of the device:

Advantages of this device:

  • Absence of human factor influence
  • Saving time while conducting laboratory tests
  • The analysis time is less than 1 min
  • Suitable for working with different crops
  • Easy sieve replacement (you only need 10 seconds to replace the sieves)
  • The results of the analysis do not depend on the humidity and temperature of the sample

Technical specifications:

Weighing system Load up to 6 kg
Impurities measurement range 0-100%
Number of products in memory 16
Printer Thermal printer
Power supply External power supply 12V DC 1A
Dimensions 600х350х650 mm
Weight 36 kg
Power consumption 50 W